Kindness Project

We participated in the Kindness Project in the Spring of 2017. This began when someone in the community started leaving painted rocks with inspirational words on our campus at our playground. Ironically, this happened during testing time which can be extremely stressful to our students. Immediately, this simple and kind act positively affected all of us. Students and staff worked hard to prepare rocks, together, with inspirational words and pictures (mostly involving PBIS). The idea was that  people, who we would likely not know, would find these rocks  and be given "hope as well as to be inspired to perform random acts of kindness for others." For the last three weeks of school, we left rocks around the BOE, on our campus, around our school district, and the DMV. Shortly afterwards, people all over the district were participating. In all, this activity that embodies service learning became extremely powerful for our population, our school system, and our community in inspiring kindness.